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    О Старом Осколе на английском языке
    18.12.2012, 21:50
    Welcome to our beautiful and hospitable land! Stary Oskol is located in the South part of the Russian Federation and in the northern areas of the Belgorod region. Its area is 1223 square kilometers. There are 221,085 inhabitants here and the population is represented by 85 nationalities. In 2002 Stary Oskol was included in number of a hundred large cities of Russia.
    At the entrance to Stary Oskol you can see a tank that guards the peace in our town and as any town we have a heaven patron Alexander Nevsky who protects our life and this monument you can see in the central part of Stary Oskol in Lenina Street.
    There is one more historical monument which is to the governor Prince Ivan Solntsev, Ivan Myasnoy and scrivener Michael Nechayev who were the founding fathers of the town.
    And if you are interested in history you can visit our Museum of Local History. 95 percents of all layouts of this museum are originals. They represent the greatest interest for visitors. There are special monuments and people cherish the memory of those, who gave there lives for the freedom of the Motherland. These monuments are situated in different parts of our town.
    Stary Oskol is a City of Military Glory. Stele monument "City of Military Glory" is located in Victory Square and was opened on September 10, 2011. There is the text of Presidential Decree on awarding the city the honorary title.
    The sights in Victory square include: the Alley of Heroes of the Great Patriotic War, the monument to the famous war time commander Georgiy Zhukov and the monument to the soldier «After the Fight».
    Tens of thousands of citizens come here to watch the salute in commemoration of the brave city and country defenders. More than that there is a fountain here and a cinema «Parnas» so it’s also a leisure centre. Flowerbeds around this square are the unique combinations of flowers and bushes so it’s also a leisure centre.
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