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    МОУ "СОШ №33" Учёба началась. Успехов всем.
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    Разработка внеклассного мероприятния "Friendship", Редько З.Я., Захарченко А.В., Володичева А.С.
    05.05.2013, 22:49
    Captain brave, captain brave, Give a smile, sir.
    For a smile is like a flag of a ship.
    Captain brave, captain brave, Cheer up, sir,
    For the sea surrenders only to the quick! Ваня - Oh, I’m sorry. Hello! Let me introduce myself. I’m Captain Klochko. I greet you on board the ship "Friendship” of school number 33. Pleased to meet you. You know, my crew and I enjoy traveling and discovering new lands and countries, we like to learn a lot of interesting things about plants and animals, meet new friends. We have already crossed a lot of seas and some oceans. We were caught in the storms many times. But in spite of it there is nothing like traveling by sea. Today we invite you to join us in our new expedition, an exciting voyage. Do you want to? Do you like traveling by sea? We hope you do! Well, then you are welcome on board a ship "Friendship”. Захар - Oh, captain! My captain! Excuse my interrupting you! Ваня What’s the matter Zakhar? Захар Sir, we’ve just found a bottle with a message. Ваня Really! Give it to me! Захар Here it is! Ваня Thank you (читает записку) Well my friend, this message says that a ship wrecked 100 miles away from here. It’s 37 degrees southern latitude and 76 degrees western longitude. A crew of the ship asked for our help. We must help them. So we set off immediately. Weigh anchor! Make sails! Full speed ahead. Захар Yes sir! Well friends I should say, our captain is the best captain in the world. He is a born sailor. Mr Klochko is brave, clever and well-educated. He is good at sciences and does sports. Our captain took part in competitions and was awarded with medals. He also likes music and can play the saxophone. Captain Klochko is a true friend . We can rely on him in any situations. His motto is "A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Захар Sir, what land is it over there? Ваня Well, let me look and find it. Give me my map. It’s New Zealand, my friend. Do you know that "Kiwi land” is slang for New Zealand and it is also called "God zone” or "Pig isles”, "Shaky Isles” and "A long white cloud” Захар How interesting it is! How about landing this island? Ваня Oh, next time, next time, we must hurry up! Плывут дальше Захар Oh, I’m sorry, my captain I can see a land! It’s quite near! Ваня Great! Get ready for landing! Drop the anchor! Захар Yes sir! Ваня Wow Tanya! I can hardly believe my eyes! I haven’t seen you for ages! Tanya, аnd who is this girl? Таня She is one of my best friend! I know her as we both went to musical school and played in the same band. Moreover she is an easy going girl. We are close friends because Yana is kind and helpful She is fond of foreign languages: French, Japan and English. Now Yana is writing a book about our adventures. And who is this boy? Ваня He is my first mate. His name is Zakhar. He is an irreplaceable member of my crew as he is creative, energetic and reliable. And what about you? What’s brought you here? How long have you been here? Таня Not so many questions at once! To begin with, our friends from Australia invited us to stay with them for a month . You know that we study English and wanted to brush our knowledge up. Яна We were very glad to get their invitation and one day we set off for this voyage. Besides we enjoy traveling by sea. But in 2 days we were caught in a terrible storm and our ship wrecked. Таня We were in the water for a long time but we were not drowned because we could swim well. The sea carried us to the shore. Яна Oh, you can’t imagine how it was awful and fearfully! But we were lucky and survived. Таня Native people turned to be kind and friendly, they helped us , gave us a shelter and some food. Яна A bit later they taught us to fish without a fishing-rod, hunting without any riffle, to make a fire without any matches and cook some food. Таня Besides we have learnt a lot of interesting about the plants and animals living on this island. Just fancy! Some of the trees lose their bark not the leaves. Яна And some flowers have no smell. Таня You can see unusual animals and birds here too. Many beautiful birds have unmelodious voices and are flightless. Захар Oh, my God! Ваня It’s unbelievable! Яна We have made friends with the native people. They taught us to dance their dances and sing their songs. We sang them our songs "Katusha” and "Moscow Suburb Nights”. Таня They liked our music. And they gave us bracelets as symbols of friendship. Here they are. Have a look at them! Захар Very nice indeed! Ваня Good girls! How clever of you! ВСЕ All is well that ends well! Ваня But it’s time to continue our voyage to Australia. Are you ready? Девочки Of coarse we are! We are ready! Hurray! We are young, we run free Stay up late, we don't sleep. Got our friends, got the night We'll be alright (Ah, ah, let's go)
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