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    Тексты для чтения на экзамен по английскому языку для 5 классов
    25.07.2015, 09:32
    Билет №14 London Bridge. London Bridge is two thousand years old. The first bridge was of wood. Then people built the bridge of stone and called it London Bridge. There were houses and shops on it and people paid money when they crossed the bridge. In 1831 a new bridge rose in the place of the first bridge. But the city grew very quickly and in 1960 the people of London wanted to build a large new bridge at that place. A very rich American bought the old London Bridge as people buy old things. He wanted to show the old bridge in America to people for money. The people of London liked their old London Bridge. But the city needed money for the new bridge. The American brought the parts of the bridge on a ship to Arizona in the USA. Workers built the old bridge but there was no river under it now, only a street. No ships pass under it now, only people walk along the street and look at the old bridge. In 1973 the New London Bridge was opened in the place of the old bridge over the Thames.
    Билет № 11 About Badgers. A badger is a very interesting animal, but you can see him only in the evening, when it is dark. Then the badger comes out of the underground home to eat. The father badger is a big animal, as big as a cat. He is covered with grey fur, his legs are short and very strong, he can dig very well. His head is white with a little black fur on the top. Badgers sleep during the day, and all winter too. In summer they come out in the dark when they want to eat. They eat berries, apples, and sometimes little birds or mice. Badgers are very cleanly animals. When they come out from their underground homes, they begin to wash their faces with their front paws, then they comb their long fur with their paws. When they have done all that, the old badgers begin to play and to show their young how to catch mice or little birds.
    Билет № 13 The Race. Next morning Peter, a boy from Hilda’s class, asked Hans to make a wooden chain for his sister. Now Hans had money for a second pair of skates. After school he skated to Amsterdam on his old wooden skates and bought two pairs of good steel skates. Now he and Gretel could skate everyday on the canal on their new steel skates. At last the day of the race came. It was a bright winter day. There was much sun but the ice was strong. Many people, men, women and children put on their best warm clothes and came to the canal. They were ready to watch the races. There were forty skaters, twenty boys and twenty girls. The boys and the girls had to skate in turn until one girl and one boy won two races. They stood in a long line at the start. When the signal was given, the girls began the race. Hilda and Gretel with three other girls were soon in front.
    Билет№9 Edinburgh. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It lies on seven hills and goes down those hills to the sea. The highest hill is three hundred meters above the sea. From the street in the centre of the city you can see ships coming to Edinburgh from different countries of the world. In the "old town” the streets are narrow. The houses with narrow windows go up the hills to Edinburgh castle which is one thousand years old. The modern town lies at the foot of the hills. The streets here are straight and well planned, so it is easy to walk in the city when you go sightseeing in Edinburgh. The people say that only two cities in the world are so well planned-Edinburgh and St. Petersburg. Many great men lived and worked in Edinburgh. Robert Burns, a great Scottish poet, published his first book of poems in Edinburgh. There is a monument to him in the city.
    Билет № 8 The Boy and the Wolf. Once there was a boy who lived on a farm. Every day he goes with his father’s sheep to a hill not far away. He was alone, and he did not like it. One day he said to himself, "I will cry, Wolf! Wolf!” everybody will think that a wolf is coming to eat my sheep and will run to help me. It will be fun when they find out no wolf” So the boy cried, "Wolf! Wolf!” and everyone ran to him. When they came, he didn’t thank them. He said, "There is no wolf. It was a joke. You can all go back home.” The boy did this three times. Each time when the people came he told them that there was no wolf. Then one of a wolf came. " Help! Help! The wolf is here!” the boy cried. But the people said, "There is no wolf. It’s only a joke, he is calling us but this time we will not go. So they did not go and the wolf killed all the sheep. Moral: If you tell lies, no one will believe you when you tell the truth.
    Билет № 15 The Stone of Destiny. In Westminster Abbey in London there is a large stone which has an interesting history. Many hundreds of years ago it was the seat on which the kings of Scotland sat when they were crowned. When Scotland became part of Britain, the English king brought this stone to London. A large chair was made and the Stone of Destiny was put into the seat of the chair. Since that time the English kings sit on that chair when they are crowned.
    Билет № 10 Dick Whittington and His Cat. Many, many years ago there was a little boy who lived in a village in England. His name was Dick Whittington. Dick’s father and mother died when he was very young and the boy didn’t remember them. The village people often spoke about London, and Dick stood and listened to them. He wanted very much to go and see London: he thought that all the people in the capital were rich and that there was much gold in the streets. One day a man came to the village. People said that the man was from London. Dick asked the man to take him to London, so the man took the boy with him. They walked for many days and at last they came to London. Dick wanted very much to see the big city and the streets where there was much gold, so he ran off very quickly and didn’t say good-bye to the man. He ran and ran in the streets of London, but he didn’t see any gold. He saw that some of the people in the streets were poor and looked hungry. Dick was also very hungry, but he had no money to buy food. He went and sat down near the door of a big house. This was the house of a rich man, Mr. Fitzwarren by name.
    Билет№12 Robinson Crusoe. Robinson Crusoe lived in the town of York in England. When he was a small boy, he wanted to go to sea. He had a friend whose father was a captain of a ship. The captain took the two boys on his ship when it went to London. After that Robinson went to sea many times. Now he was a sailor. He liked his work very much. One day when his ship was at sea, there was a great storm. The ship broke and all the people were drowned. Robinson was in the water for a long time. He was not drowned. He could swim well. The sea carried him to the shore. Robinson sat on the shore for a long time. Then he wanted to know where he was, so he began to walk on the shore. Soon he saw that he was on an island. It was not large. He walked in all parts of the island: he wanted to see if there were any people there or any sailors from the ship. But there were no people there and no sailors from the ship. It was evening already and Robinson wanted to sleep. He didn’t want to sleep in an open place, so he got into a tree and slept there.
    Билет № 5 Daddy-Long-Legs. Dear Daddy-Long-Legs, I like the college very much. I am happy that I can study. I like the girls and the teachers and the classes. The teacher of English literature liked my compositions. But I know very little of English literature. We had very few books in the library at the Children’s Home. I never read "David Copperfield” by Dickens, or "Robinson Crusoe” by Defoe. Now I am reading "Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll and stories by Rudyard Kipling. The girls in the college know very much. I didn’t know that people were monkeys many millions of years ago. I never heard of Sherlock Holmes. I didn’t know anything about Michelangelo. And one day when I heard the name, I asked the girls if he was a student at our college. The girls laughed at me and told the story to other girls. Now I know these things and a lot of others. But I have to read many books.
    Билет №3 Judy Enters College. Judy Abbot had no father or mother; she lived in a Children’s Home for many years. The rich people of the town- the trustees- gave money for the Children’s Home. When the children were fifteen years old, the trustees found some work for them and the young people left the Children’s Home. Judy Abbot liked her lessons and learned well. Her compositions were interesting and the teacher read one of them to the trustees one day. When Judy was fifteen, the trustees gave her work in the Children’s Home. They left her stay there and go on with her lessons. Judy looked after small children from four to seven years old. She helped them to wash and dress in the morning, played with them after her lessons. She helped in the kitchen and washed the windows and the floors. When the girl was seventeen, one of the trustees wanted to send a girl to a college and pay for her education. The teachers decided that it must be Judy. The trustee told the teachers that the girl must write a letter to him every month as a report.
    Билет № 6 The Old Indian. One day two tourists came to a part of America where they did not see people for many days. At last they met an old Indian. He knew everything about the forest, the animals living in it, the weather and many other things. He could speak English. "Can you tell us what the weather will be like during the next few days?” one of the tourists asked him. "Oh, yes,” he said. Rain is coming and wind. Then there will be snow for a day or two, but then the sun will come again and the weather will be fine. It will be very warm. "These old Indians didn’t go to school but they know more than we do,” said the man to his friend. Then he turned to the old Indian. " How do you know all that?” he asked. The Indian answered, "I heard it on the radio”.
    Билет № 4 Two Mice. Once there were two mice who were friends. One mouse lived in a city, the other mouse lived in the country. One day the Country Mouse asked the City Mouse to come to see him in the country. The Country Mouse took his friend to his home in a field and gave him some wheat to eat. It was very good wheat. The City Mouse said,” This wheat is not good and your home is not good, it is cold in winter and hot in summer. I live in a nice house made of stone and eat nice food. Come to see me at my home in the city”. So the Country Mouse went to the home of the City Mouse. The house was very good and there was very good and there were nice bread and butter to eat. But when they began to eat they heard something. The City Mouse said quickly,” Run!! Run! The cat is coming.” And they ran away. In a few minutes they came back. Then the Country Mouse said, "This is a fine house, but I do not like to live in the city. I only want to live in my field. It is better to be poor and happy in a field than to be rich and unhappy in a fine house.”
    Билет № 1 Brother and Sister. Once there was a man who had two children, a boy and a girl. The boy was good-looking, but the girl was not. One day they found a mirror and for the firat time saw what they look like. The boy was very glad. He said to his sister "What a nice face I have! I look much nicer than you do!” The girl did not like what he said. She was very angry and began to beat her brother "Go away”, she cried. Their father saw them and said to the boy, "you must always be as good as you look”. And to the girl he said "My dear, if you help everyone and you do your best to please, everyone will love you”/ Moral: It is better to be good than to be good-looking.
     Билет № 7 Betty’s Birthday. This is Betty’s birthday. She is already seven. Daddy, mummy and granny hug her and wish her many happy returns. There is a birthday cake on the table with seven candles in it. Near the cake Betty sees wonderful presents: a nice doll house, a beautiful picture book and a funny girl. Andy, good boy! Betty is delighted to have all presents, but she likes Kit best! She introduces him to Honey and Scrubber. They are happy to meet him. Then the family has tea with a birthday cake. It is delicious! Daddy asks, "What do we do next? Why not go to the Zoo?” Betty and granny cry, "Fine! Splendid!” Mummy says, ”Why not?” Granny says, "Not me. I’m tired a bit. I’d rather have a rest at home.” Father says, "Settled! We are going to the Zoo and granny stays home”.
    Билет № 2 Little Women. On a cold evening in December the girls are sitting near the fire in the dining-room. Their mother has not come home yet, and the girls are talking about the New Year and the presents they want to give to their mother. Margaret is sixteen years old. She teaches small children in the family of their friends. She gets some money for her work and helps her family. She is going to be a teacher. Josephine or Jo is fifteen. She wants to write stories and be a writer. Now she works at the house of an old woman. She looks after the woman, helps her in the house, reads books to her and gets some money for the work. Elizabeth is thirteen. She likes music and is learning to play the piano. She wants to teach music. She helps their mother in the house-dusts the tables, the chairs and the bookcases, sweeps the floor and washes the dishes. Amy is twelve. She goes to school. Some girls laugh at her old dresses and she does not like school. She wants to be an artist. Amy helps her mother in the kitchen.
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