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    Текст для чтения 9 класс
    10.07.2013, 23:01
    P1 Hi, Tanya! P2 Hello, Tanya! T Hello! Friends P3 Why are you at home in such a fine day? Everybody has gone to ski and skate. P 4 We also go to the skating rink. Would you join us? T Sorry, but I don’t want, I was given a very interesting book yesterday. And I am eager to read it today. P1 How interesting! P2 What kind of book? P3 Is it a book with poems about love? P4 Or may be adventure stories? T Oh, no. It’s much more interesting. It is "Marry Poppins” by Pamela Travers P1 2 «Mary Poppins?!» P3 It’s a pity, but I have never read it. Can you give it to me to read? T Yes, certainly P4 What is it about? I wonder T It’s about a fairyland, kindness and dream , about fascinating adventures. It also teaches us to do all the best. P1 It sounds great! P2 I think, it’s worth reading P3 So do I. T My friends, it is an unusual day, today. We will be able to see the author of this book and to meet her favourite characters too. P4 Really? You must be joking! T Not a bit P1 How can we do it? T With the help of this magical flower. You only must tear one of its petals off and say the spell: Little petal, Little petal, would you take us over the mountains, over the plains, Over the rivers, over the lakes, Over the countries, over the bays Watching the seagulls, Laughing with friends We will be happy to meet our friends And in a few minutes we can see them P1 2 3 Fantastic! P4 That’s great! Then Let’s do it quickly! ( все подходят у ромашке, отрывают один лепесток) (звучит музыка (ветер дует)Через минуту на экране появляется Портрет P Traves, появляются снова ребята T My friends, look at this portrait. It is Miss Travers, the author of "Mary Poppins” P1 She is so beautiful P2 When and where was she born? T Pamela Travers was born on the 9 th of August in 1899 in Queensland, Australia. P3 Is it her real name? T Great question! Her real name is Helen Lyndon Goff but while gaining a reputation as an actress she soon adopted the stage name "Pamela Lyndon Travers" P4 Did she have a family? P1 Did she have any children? T As far as know she never married And at the age of 40 Miss Pamela adopted a baby boy from Ireland Cammilts P2 Tanya, when did Helen Goff began publishing her poems and novels? T She began publishing her poems when she was a teenager and wrote for The Bulletin and Triad P3 And when was her novel Marry Poppins published T In 1934 and it was Travers’ first literary success P4 I wonder what other books did she write? T Pamela Tavers wrote a lot of poems and many novels about Marry Poppins. Have you read her Peter Pan P2 I have seen the film about Peter Pan And I liked it very much T Her popular series of Mary Poppins have been adapted many times including in the 1964 film starring Julie Andrews. Children and grown ups all over the world like her poems and novels very much P1 As for me I have watched a Russian version of Mary Poppins and it is wonderful! T Here are some photos from this film P3 Does she have any honors or prizes? T Travers was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1977 P4 When and where did she die T She died in London in 1996 P1P2 Thank you Tanya T And now friends it is time to meet the main characters of this novel Here they are: Hush Cherry Tree Lane is a nice London street. Number 17 is the smallest house in the street. The Banks live in this house. They are Mr and Mrs Banks and children Jane and Michael. Upstairs Jane and Michael were waiting for their farther. It was a windy evening and the East wind was blowing through the cherry-trees. J- Look! The trees are dancing. M- That’s Daddy over there! J- That’s not Daddy. It’s somebody else! It was a woman with her hat on and a bag in her right hand. And she was with an umbrella. J- Let’s go and see who it is. They left their room to have a look at a visitor. B- They are very nice and very quite children. Children ran downstairs. B- Well children. This is your new nurse, Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins looked at them carefully. P- All right. I’ll stay. Children came up to Mary Poppins. J- How did you come? Did the wind blow you here& P- It did. She opened her bag. M- What a funny bag! There is nothing inside. P- Nothing in it, did you say? But the next moment Mary Poppins took out a white apron, a large cake of soap, a tooth brush, a packet of hairpins and a bottle of perfume. Jane and Michael were shocked. JM- We will be very happy if you work here. Then Marry Poppins took out a large bottle of medicine. M- Is that your medicine? MP- No, it’s yours! JM- We don’t want it! But suddenly they understood that they could not say "no” MP- Strawberry ice for Michael and sweet lemon juice for Jane. B- Oh, no! It’s not good for them! Please. But the children drank it and realized there was milk. MP- Go to sleep, my dear. JM- Ok, Mare Poppins! M-Will you never leave us? MP- Till the wind changes. Next morning Michael got up with a funny feeling. M- What day is it today? MP- Tuesday. Go and take a shower! M- I won’t. B- You are ill. You will have some medicine! J- He is not ill. He doesn’t want to be good. That’s it. Mp- You got out of bed the wrong side this morning. M- I didn’t. There is no wrong side to my bed. MP- Both sides were wrong this morning. Now, let’s go for a walk. When they were in the park Michael saw a compass on the ground. J- What’s it? M- I won’t tell you. J- Marry Poppins what is it for? MP- To go round the world with. M- What an idea! It’s not a ship. This little box can’t take you round the world. Marry Poppins turned the compass MP- North! J- Where are we? MP- Welcome to the North Pole. M- It’s very cold here! MP- OK, let’s go South J- It’s very hot now M- Where are we now? MP- We are in Africa. Now, East! J- Is it Japan? MP- You are right, my dear! Now? West! M- It’s America! MP- Right! But East or West home is best. Cherry Lane, please. MJ- We are at home! Hurray! J- Round the world and back. What a wonderful box! M- It’s a compass. And it’s mine. Give it to me. MP-It’s my compass. I don’t want to give it to you. Next morning. M-Jane, look! Look! J- The compass? M- She gave it to me. There must be something wrong! J- The wind! It’s a west wind. M- Marry Poppins has left us! J- Don’t cry Michael. That’s all right. She always does what she says and she will come back soon. Песня good bye
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