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    Задания для подготовки к ЕГЭ с использованием материала сайта ФИПИ . Володичева А.С.
    05.02.2017, 14:49

    Clare Clare was a talented young music teacher who worked in a music shop in a small Midlands town. Every Christmas, she hoped that it__________________ . She wanted her town to look beautiful on Christmas. SNOW Clare had a sister, Effie, who was the__________________ girl with the young men of the town. She was very beautiful and sociable. Clare was very shy and had no friends. POPULAR Every Christmas, the Williamsons, a family of successful manufacturers, held a big party to which Clara and Effie__________________ every year. INVITE On the night of the party, a young man entered the music shop while Clare __________________ the piano. Clare welcomed the customer. She liked him at first sight. He looked shy and friendly. PLAY The young man wanted a particular song but he __________________ remember the name of the composer. She asked if it was a love song and the man said it was. She tried to find the song but failed. NOT CAN Clara encouraged the man to return to the shop if he __________________ the tune of the song or the name of the composer. REMEMBER Her __________________ visitor was Freddy Williamson who came to invite her to go to the party with him. She agreed. TWO About the Weather The weather in Britain is very variable, not only from season to season, but from one day to the next. The fact that the weather is so ___________________ has made it a frequent topic of conversation and when meeting or greeting someone, it is usual to make a comment on the weather. PREDICTABLE __________________, the climate of the British Isles is moderate and moist, with mild winters and cool summers. The average and minimum temperatures in the four parts of the UK differ. FORTUNATE There are a lot of days in the year when it rains. Hilly and __________________ regions attract more rain than lowlying areas. Winters are usually short and not very cold. MOUNTAIN In fact, snow is a relative rarity, so when it comes it can cause a surprising degree of __________________to transport, with roads blocked and trains delayed. But nothing prevents British people from enjoying themselves whatever the weather. DISORGANIZE _________________ weather forecasts come out everyday. Sometimes they are wrong but more often than not they turn out to be right. OFFICE England is the only country where one can experience four seasons in a single day. _________________ may be surprised when they see the Englishman walking on a brilliant sunny morning wearing a raincoat and carrying an umbrella. FOREIGN 1. Food Industry 5. Food in Britain 2. Home-cooked Food 6. Fast Food 3. We are What We Eat 7. A Sweet Tooth 4. Definition of Food 8. Food in the USA A. Food is any substance or materials eaten or drunk to provide nutritional support for the body and/or for pleasure. It usually consists of plant or animal origin that contains essential ingredients, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and is ingested and assimilated by an organism to produce energy, stimulate growth and maintain life. The right to food is a human right derived from the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.B. Packaged foods are manufactured outside the home for purchase. Early food processing techniques were limited by available food preservation, packaging and transportation. This mainly involved salting, drying, pickling, curdling, fermentation and smoking. Food manufacturing arose during the industrial revolution in the 19th century. This development took advantage of new mass markets and emerging new technology such as milling, preservation, packaging, labeling and transportation. C. People who have busy work or social schedules don’t have much time for cooking at home. Takeout meals from restaurants, pizza parlors and delicatessens have become a regular part of everyday life. Food can be picked up at a café, or people call in orders by phone and the takeaway meal is delivered to their homes. Ready-to-eat and instant processed foods that are quick to prepare are very popular. Snacks and junk food like doughnuts, popcorn, cookies, or potato chips are also easy to prepare. D. The expression "as American as an apple pie” means something that is typically American, but even apple pie came from somewhere else. The only true American foods are those that the Native Americans gave the first settlers, including corn, squash, pumpkin, turkey, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie which are still eaten at Thanksgiving. Immigrants have brought all kinds of dishes with them from their home countries. A typical family may eat tacos (originally from Mexico), pizza (from Italy), or apple piefrom England). E. How much food do you think you will eat by the time you are seventy-nine? The average Frenchwoman, for example, will eat 25 cows, 40 sheep, 35 pigs, 1200 chickens, 2.07 tones of fish, 5.05 tones of potatoes, 13 000 eggs, 50 000 loaves of bread, 1.37 tones of apples, 768 kg of oranges, 430 bags of carrots, 720 kg of tomatoes, 1300 lettuces, hundreds of packages of coffee, sugar, spaghetti, and 8 kg of dirt. How many cows and pigs have you swallowed already? F. Although Britain is quite a small country, it offers a wide choice of food and drink. The types of food people eat have changed a lot over the years for several reasons. People have come to Britain from different parts of the world, bringing their favourite food with them and often opening restaurants. In Britain you can find traditional food like roast beef or fish and chips and vegetarian food for those who do not eat meat. As well as foods from different parts of Britain, you can buy Italian, Mexican and West Indian food. G. Cakes, chocolate ice-cream… The British love them all. A meal is not a meal without some kind of dessert and sweet things are very popular as a snack too. Chocolate is the most popular sweet snack and the British eat more than 8 kg per person per year of it. Chocolate is almost eaten anywhere, any time but is very popular at Christmas and Easter. Ice-cream is eaten as a snack, a dessert, or with another dessert (like a piece of hot apple pie). Woman without Fear It was in 2007 when I first heard of Grace Wiley. Dr. Mann, former director of the ______ Zoological Park in Washington, D.C., handed me a picture of a tiny woman with a gigantic cobra. NATION The snake had ______ spread his hood and was staring right into the camera while his owner stroked his head to quiet him. Looking at the picture of that awful creature, I knew what a well-known writer meant when he described a snake as a "running brook of horror”. PART Dr. Mann told me, "Grace lives in a small house full of _______ snakes, imported from all over the world. POISON Grace has one of the world’s finest ________ of snakes. COLLECT Perhaps, she is one of the few people who knows the real secrets of this curious business. She is a courageous woman and a talented _________________. Everyone respects her.” SCIENCE I was impressed. I made it a point to call on that _____________ woman. And so I did. WONDER ДЛЯ ПОДГОТОВКИ К ЕГЭ

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